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Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machine Model 2.0 Oak Cabinet
Price: $555.00
The Nitty Gritty Model 2.0 is the basic model Nitty Gritty with manual operations but cleans just as well as the more expensive models. To clean a record you put the fluid on the VAC-SWEEP brush, you then scrub by rotating the record using the handle, the Nitty Gritty VAC-SWEEP brush has thousands of microscopic fibers that gently scrub the record's grooves. Its short bristles make the most efficient use of Nitty Gritty's special cleaning fluids, and its softness protects a record from abrasion. After the scrubbing process flip the toggle switch for the drying process. Rotate the record using the handle to easily vacuum the fluid off. It's a quick and easy way to bring your records to pristine condition. the Nitty Gritty 2.0 has a waste fluid drain plug on bottom of machine. Manual Fluid Application & Scrubbing, Manual Rotation During Vacuum Cycles.
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Did You Know That Cleaning Your Vinyl Records Will Not Only Increase the Records Longevity but Will Also Show Sonic Improvements Such as

- Increased Dynamic Contrasts.
- Improved Bass Response.
- A Vast Improvement in Overall Sound-stage Clarity.
- Increased Stage Depth and Sense of Musical Ease.
- A Substantial Reduction in LP Noise Resulting in Improved Clarity.
- Increased Instrumental Definition.

Clean grooves is an absolute to achieve the best sound quality of your vinyl records. A clean vinyl record will not only sound better, but last longer. It has long been proven that the playing of dirty records will result in a rapid deterioration of quality and degradation of the original recorded sound, or simply can cause permanent damage to your vinyl records. The preservation of your valuable or irreplaceable vinyl records requires special care and cleaning. Not to mention that, stylus wear is greatly accelerated by playing dirty records, and as you know with the cost of new cartridges these days, playing dirty records can lead to a significant and unneeded expense.

So then everyone who owns, previously owned or is interested in purchasing vinyl records should know they need to be maintained in a clean condition in order to sound their best and to preserve the quality of their fragile surfaces. Record cleaning devises operate on a number of different theories and principles, but they all have one thing in common -- they do not totally clean all pollutants from record grooves. They leave film, grease, residue, micro dust, static electricity, carbon fiber hair, and mold release compounds behind. These remaining pollutants prevent the record owner from hearing all the music on the record, regardless of the quality of the playback system and they cause premature wear of the record and stylus. Until now, no available record cleaning system was accepted by professionals and enthusiasts alike as producing the desired result -- clean records. No single system was able to rid a record's surface of film, grease, residue, and dust while it eliminated static electricity and left a purified vinyl disc.

Nitty Gritty offers such a system. Records cleaned on a Nitty Gritty system reproduce all the music stored in their grooves without the interference and masking of record pollutants. The Improvement in sound that a Nitty Gritty cleaning makes is so dramatic that the benefit of upgrading one component of a hi-fi system is less significant in comparison. the Nitty Gritty record cleaning system has established itself as an essential component in every hi-fi system

The proper care and maintenance of records is really a common sense procedure. once we understand and appreciate those conditions or circumstances which contribute to record wear and deterioration, we are in much better position to do something about it.
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