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Hand Made Iridescent Art Glass Light Shades
Foxglove Light Shade with 3.25" fitter
Price: $136.00
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The "Foxglove" art glass light shade has a 3.25" fitter, and is pictured in Iridescent Gold Aurene. This art glass shade is hand made in the USA and measures approximately 5.5" in height and 4.5" in diameter and is also available in a Iridescent Peacock Blue.

Our art glass shades add beauty and grace to so many spaces. They are hand made, one by one, using the same methods that have been in effect for over 150 years.

As with any hand crafted product, minor imperfections are inherent and actually desirable in the art form as indicators of the old-world craft and authenticity of our production methods. Due to the hand made nature of these shades the size, shape and color will vary somewhat and no two light shades will be exactly alike.
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There are three important dimensions for glass light shades: fitter size, height and width. The fitter size is the outer diameter of the lip which is inserted into the fixture’s shade holder. The height of a glass shade is taken from the base of the fitter lip to the bottom of the shade. The width is measured across the widest portion of the shade, which may be the top, middle or bottom, depending on the shade type.

The first thing you must consider when replacing a glass light shade is the proper “fitter” size of the shade holder on your lamp or fixture. The shade holder is the part (usually metal) that holds the shade to the lamp or fixture

The fitter is the portion of the shade holder through which the glass light shade actually passes and makes physical contact with the lamp. Shade holders come in different fitter sizes and so do glass light shades. The idea, logically, is to match the same fitter size for both the shade holder and shade.

Sounds easy you say, well it is.
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